Wise Tip's for Shotgun Slug loader's, Old is still Gold ! !

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Wise Tip's for Shotgun Slug loader's, Old is still Gold ! !

Postby BlazingSabots » Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:31 pm

" Old is Gold " the old theory still goes, accuracy from a shotgun slug is a function of two things

1. A good gas seal.

2. Centering the slug in the bore with a snug fit through out the barrel.

Achieve those two and you can shoot as well as many big game heavy rifles.

Since efficiency and accuracy is our prime goal, we need all components to Rhyme with one another and work together hand in hands.

Saboted Slugs are more aerodynamic, because they are encased in a bore-filling, fall-away plastic sleeve ( the Sabot ) which allows the shotgun to shoot a much more efficient projectile.

Let's make the right choices, Brother:

1. Choose your components wisely to custom tailor your loads for efficiency!

2. We need good quality straight walled hulls that are made strong enough to SAAMI specification's but will show pressure sign's after a certain pressure level is reached for safety!

3. Very important to know that certain powders require A Magnum Primer like Alliant Steel for example, needs a Fed.209A or CCI.209M!
Stick with only top name brand primer's that are made to SAAMI specification's like Fed. 209, CCI 209, Win. 209 and Fio.616 only for regular primer's for our slug / sabot loads.

4. Very important, your OP wad must form a good barrier between the powder gases and the rest of your wad column, therefore your wad under ideal situation should have longer skirts and if your gun has longer forcing cone all the more important for sealing powder gases!

There goes your load efficiency down the drain:

5. Let's give it some solid support, add a stronger darker nitro card to transmit the driving forces evenly, when ever possible try to incorporate a .250" nitro card in between.

6. When ever possible try adding a good Felt wad of 1/4, 3/8 or 1/2 inch to help reduce the felt recoil!
I really love the darker felt fiber wads as they are made well and perform great, but are almost 2 1/2 to 3 time more costlier when compared to the cheaper felt wads from Circle Fly on the right!

7. Top your Felt wad with a stronger darker nitro card, is like giving it a solid foundation to transmit the driving forces evenly and help support the Sabot from below to keep plasma gas blow-by from melting the Sabots!

8. Your Sabots with the proper bullet should be a real tight fit in your rifled barrel and a properly designed sabot should not tag along for a free ride piggy back, instead should release the bullet immediately and drop off in the first 10 to 25 yard line and not any further!

**When it comes to smooth bore then your slug in wad needs to be a snug fit enough to require 6 to 8 lbs pressure to push it through with a wooden dowel and if any more then your pressure's are sure to be high!

Watch out for your safety comes first!

9. It is very important that you seat the slug all the way home, use 50 to 60 lbs wad pressure to ensure that.

10. Try using a harder alloys for casting your slugs for use in Sabots, this way you reduce any chances of distortion at setback when fired allowing the slug to maintain its shape!

11. A fold crimp will further enhance ignition as the pressures are known to be much higher with fold crimp, you also need a bit less powder this way!

12. A clean cut rifling will engage the Slug / Sabot far better and impart the required spin for stability in flight for a greater gyroscopic stability that are harder to knock of course, and thus produce massive centrifugal force to help release the bullet instantly from the sabot.

13. Under ideal hunting situation all you fire is one shot, in some cases may be two the most.
Does it not make sense to do all your slug testing from a cold barrel and fire two shots to see how well your gun holds the accuracy under ideal hunting situation!
When testing Slugs or Sabots, three shot group is all you need and pause between shots to let the barrel cool down a bit!

14. Most loads are more accurate when you tone them down by 2 to 3 gr below Max, and the recoil is easy to digest and won't kick like a mule, that will help you shoot better!

Have the knowledge and exposure to " push the loading envelope" to the Max!

Knowledge not shared, is knowledge lost!
Above all I really enjoyed writing this post!

Hoping it will help some of my Slug Shooter's Family members.

Best regards,

Ajay Madan

PS: I will soon be adding more 12 ga loads to this very post, so be on the look out for more right here.
Powder burning chart : https://imgur.com/lxwpexm

I love the OP wad Powder cup but it has a cavity ( cup shaped ) on both sides you need to fill one like this : https://imgur.com/9169EnG

Here are the 12 ga 310 gr hunting loads, some are hot and in Red ! ! https://imgur.com/JwbUTpD

Your OP wad choices, choose them wisely for better obturation: https://imgur.com/sgeSqhK


12 gauge RB loads that we were working on : https://imgur.com/PgX6OU4

Check the fit of the slug or RB if using a smooth bore without a nitro card backwards like this : https://imgur.com/2nkY5pd

A good OP wad should seal the powder behind and not let it seep through ! ! https://imgur.com/k3ysWUv
Paper patch if needed to help things out : https://imgur.com/8SVSz3X

Watch out for these heavy loads in 12 gauge : https://imgur.com/YMa3Lny


Heavy 340 gr 12 gauge loads: https://imgur.com/l0E0v0U

I love my family right here, would not want any of you getting hurt.
I try to be very transparent but mind you what worked in my gun safely might not be safe in your gun, use caution and play it safe ! !
-Elite Group of Slug Shooter's
We all, who take slug loading seriously are a dedicated family, who have taken it upon ourselves to perfect our tech. We experiment to find better techniques and share our knowledge.

"All for one, one for all "
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