Federal Truball Deep Penetrator Rifled Slugs

We like to see people working on advancing the technology. Ajay is one of those people, so we're providing a Forum board to showcase his work. NOTE: All information, opinions, etc. belong to Ajay, and are not necessarily endorsed by ASSA, nor does ASSA have any intellectual or commercial connection to Blazing Sabots. We just kinda like what he's up to with his Sabot projects.

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Federal Truball Deep Penetrator Rifled Slugs

Postby BlazingSabots » Sat Jul 08, 2017 1:44 pm

-Elite Group of Slug Shooter's
We all, who take slug loading seriously are a dedicated family, who have taken it upon ourselves to perfect our tech. We experiment to find better techniques and share our knowledge.

"All for one, one for all "
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